5 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Many people seeking a divorce may be tempted to do it themselves with court-provided documents or info from a website or book. While DIY divorce may be appropriate in some cases, most people should consider hiring a Divorce lawyer in Las Vegas for the following reasons.

Great Advice

An experienced divorce attorney can help a client get what he or she deserves during the process. Depending on the couple’s circumstances, state law does not always support an even division of assets. In some cases, a spouse is entitled to a share of the other person’s future income. When there are complicated issues, an attorney can be a valuable asset.

Reducing Stress

A divorce can be stressful for all involved, and hiring a lawyer is an easy way to reduce that stress. While an attorney will have to gather info from the client, they’ll take care of nearly everything else. With a lawyer’s help, clients can have more time to take care of themselves and their families.

Avoiding Mistakes

There are two reasons people make errors during DIY divorces: the legal system is complex, and it’s hard to think clearly during a stressful time. If someone forgets to address an issue such as debt, or if they over- or underestimate an asset’s value, it can cause serious issues during a divorce. By hiring a lawyer, a client can assure that the case will be handled properly from the beginning.

A Binding, Clear Agreement

Though the courts review all divorce documents, they may not understand what each point strives to accomplish. A lack of clarity can result in a decree that doesn’t follow the client’s intentions. By hiring a lawyer, a client can ensure that the documents presented to the family court will state their wishes in an error-free way.

Avoiding Unnecessary Delays

Though it’s possible to use form documents to file for divorce, there still may be problems. A client who goes to family court without an attorney may find that clerical errors can delay a final ruling. By consulting an attorney, clients can avoid problems that cause these delays. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call the Eric Palacios & Associates Law Firm.


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